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First Skype session

25 Aug

This week (week 5), I’ve learned the knowledge about that how people communicate through instant message, VoIP and Video chat. For my relevant practice, I have created my own account for Skype (user name is msjingwu). I have invited the people within this unit group on facebook website. It is nice to chat with people through Skype. The following is the screenshot of one of the chat session.

skype session

From this chat session, I realized that I could chat to several people at the same time! So, I hope I could type faster to save people’s time! Or I may make a conference call instead.

This experience has enhanced my thinking about instance messaging. I have used the chat to librarian function several times on several libraries’ website before this session. I have also communicated overseas with my parents through the VoipStunt (see the right corner of the above screenshot) account for several years. I have used QQ, which is popular in China, to have a video chat sometimes. But these experiences are all 1-on-1 sessions.  Through this week’s learning, I have just known the feature of using Skype to communicate within a group and some other features. In the future, I will use these functions to improve all the groups work, as it seems a good way for me!