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Week 2: Online identity reflection

4 Aug


My online identity is under construction now! I only have 2 new identity “cards”: a facebook identity “card” and a website (blogs) one. I will get more. I hope my virtual identity will be clear in the next few weeks. Before this unit study, I have not got any online identity except the email accounts with a private nature comparing to the open social networks. In general, I would not want to be too open to strangers. That why I had not signed up in Facebook before. After I have learned through all the week1 contents for INN333 unit shown in the Blackboard, I am able to confidently set up my Facebook account. I have not got a good photo to show myself yet. Maybe I will not add my photo in future.

Online identity is important for a professional, because it will be helpful to set up a good PLN. Good personal learning networks (PLN) would be beneficial for everyone. For example, there was a problem which I did not know how to solve: when I logged in to the account, I found that my first post setting is public, but all the others are only limited to INN333 group. I tried to change the setting to the same as others, but I failed to make it. Luckly, Kahli helped me immediately after I asked in the Facebook. PLN is really useful when people have questions!

To make me comfortable and confident, I would like to share my opinions about some professional development. A website (blogs) and Facebook are 2 aspects of the virtual world identity, therefore it is crucial to set them properly.  After I looked through all the contents for week1&2 in Blackboard, I can clearly understand the concept of online identity.

Reputation would add good value on the online identity.

The easiest way to build your online reputation is to attach your real name and a link to your web site to the things you’re really passionate about.

The politeness will bring reputation too. I need to remember all the proper conventions that I need to pay attention to, such as some blogs etiquette.

Now I changed my blogs platform from Blogger to WordPress, hoping that it will bring more professional effect.  My blogs website has basic characters now, so I need to make it look more professional shortly to have good reputation. I would try my best to have an invaluable online identity in future.