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Week 3: The role of blogging and tweeting for my study

11 Aug

The role I think blogging and tweeting will have in my learning is essential in this unit. I am now learning information programs. Blogs and tweets are just part of the learning contents. To be good at this unit, I have to learn how to be good at blogging and tweeting.

Blogs and tweets will form good learning networks for me from now on. I have just created another new network, on Twitter, for my personal learning today. To be a professional, especially in information study domain, I should keep renewing my knowledge.  Having many essential timely learning channels would keep me being well-informed. Blogs (including microblogs) are some timely learning channels which will prevent me from staying behind.

Blogs’ functions:

  • Blogging and tweeting are activities that I can give out my personal opinions and questions. In return, I could get help and some comments which are very valuable. It will also encourage me to learn more.
  • Even if I just look through some of the tweets or blogs, I will get some new information about what’s going on recently.

Learning opportunities are immense on the internet. More than 2000 years ago, it was said by a famous educator, Confucius, that,

“In a group of three people, there is always something I can learn from.”

But, in this information overload era, most people would intend to refuse to get too much information to some extent.

Beyond this unit, I think microblogs (Twitter) would be more efficient for me in my studying progress. Because I think if I can filter the information properly, like using #, I would not get too much information that is irrelevant for me. As Davis’ talking in her video from learning resources in week 1 on QUT Blackboard, I think I can understand what # means on Twitter. In this way, if I find that the person gives me interesting information on twitter, I will go to the relevant blogs or other sites to explore more.

I will use Twitter after this semester, not for killing time! I might continue to use a blog, if I have time to manage it on time after this semester, to enhance my online identity and PLN!