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Why do I license my content by using Creative Commons?

8 Sep

This week, I have studied further on the topic of Creative Commons license. Creative Commons license can be applied to images, audio, video, text content. It allows other people use it by attributing the work properly, but it is still based on copyright. I joined Flickr group of my class this week. I have licensed 1 photo by using a Creative Commons license which is suitable in Australia. I think I would apply it again to some of my work in the future. If I think carefully, I would feel comfortable with reserving only some of my rights of my content that I have produced in some situation. There are strong points and weak points by using the license.

The good points to apply the license are: making my work being effectively used, allowing other people build on my work by adding more values, saving the working time for the relevant people who continue to use the work. If I think something that it is valuable to be shared with others and it would do nothing harmful to me and the world, so why I am not sharing? How can I share? One way is that I can share it by applying Creative Commons license. In this way, the others could use it as they need. Because the facts and ideas that I expressed are freely available, the others could stand on my shoulder and develop my content further without paying me.

But there are some weaknesses to use the license as well. Such as I can’t stop people from using it after I have applied Creative Commons license to the work, even I stop the license later and changed the content back to the normal copyrighted material. Another aspect is that not all the works suitable to apply Creative Commons license. For example, All the software programs are not recommended to apply it too. Thus, thinking carefully before using it is important to avoid disappointment. Thirdly, a copyright is applied to everyone’s work automatically; but I need apply Creative Commons license for the work which I wanted by doing some actions, and I even need to pay for applying some types of Creative Commons license. In addition to it, to prevent people from doing harmful actions is another concern of using Creative Commons license, because I have no control on other people’s behaviour.

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