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Week 13: Information Programs unit reflection

27 Oct

My blog post

I’ve been learning Information Programs for more than 12 weeks now. I completed the play and the reflect activities in week 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 7, 10 and 11. The list of all the activities which are required to post in my blog is: week 2 reflect,  week 3 reflect, week 4 play and reflect, week 5 play and reflect, week 7 play and reflect, week 10 play and reflect, week 11 play and reflect.

My thinking of the unit

This unit has introduced me to a variety of different softwares. I began to set up my personal learning networks (PLN) from week 1. I’ve learned a lot from Blackboard unit site and PLN. But the more I have learned, the more I want to learn. They are really interesting. If the time is enough, I would investigate them further. Because I have learned the basic knowledge and skills here, I think it is better to learn more when I need them in the future. I won’t worry the new technologies too much since I’ve got my PLN to support me! Thank you for all the helpful people.

I decide to continue using social media for my personal learning network. So far, I’ve been enjoying reading some interesting tweets, Facebook contents and blogs. They are inspiring, insightful and educational. One tweet that has inspired me is about a photo. In that photo, a library book has been put on a chair in the park by a librarian. I think it is a creative way to serve the community. But I forgot to retweet the tweet. I’ll try to remember to retweet such a good tweet next time. I have also found that the changing in information and library service study is fast. It will keep changing in the coming years. Many libraries management teams are trying to adjust the current services to suit this change (Hallam, McLeod, & Booth, as cited in Ponting, 2013a).  So, I need to learn the changing through PLN in the future.

In week 1, I’ve got a very brief overview of this unit. I just felt very curious about what all the contents would be. I thought it would teach me about how to design information programs. But the unit schedule (Ponting, 2013b) shows me some ‘strange’ terms which I had no ideas of their meanings. After this 12 weeklong busy study, I can see some reasons why we are studying them. The main reason is that Web 2.0 has ‘enforced’ us to learn them. Web 2.0 is about harnessing collective intelligence. Without learning them, I could not understand some technologies which are/will be used in information programs. The proposal assignment is an example. We have used web 2.0 to cater all kinds of demands in our proposed information program.

The weekly activities

The weekly activities are not easy for me as they are nearly brand new knowledge and skills for me. Some of them are very interesting. I like gamification learning activities. Gamification is a future-proof way to design many programs. People like to be motivated where they can enjoy their involvement in the interactive activities. The thinking of using gamification with good content is a really useful way to make people enjoy the information programs. I have enjoyed image sharing and creative commons learning as well. It is also useful to learn for it can be curated and/or mashed up.

One thing I feel annoying is that I have to use many accounts with different passwords. I need to read through the boring agreements of use. All the settings should be set properly for privacy reason. And I will probably need to adjust the setting in the future when the software changes.  In addition to this, some passwords have to be changed regularly to keep the accounts safe. Because I have met a problem with my old email account once, so I am very cautious now.


From this unit, I’ve learned a lot through the interactive activities. I think Information Programs will be improved more when the new trend emerges. I, lifelong learner, will continuously improve my information programs learning from my PLN! Thank you for all the essential unit learning materials and your support, Deb!


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